About Us

"We want to help everyone in there journey with jiu jitsu. We know that life, can often pose obstacles which get in the way of our passion. This brand, is our way of helping people break free of these obstacles so you can focus on creating a better version of yourself, which is what jiu jitsu does."


Allow me a quick introduction, 

My name is Avery Grams, I am a jiu jitsu addict and I am also the founder of Jiu Jitsu Addict Apparel.

DEVELOPING INSANELY HIGH QUALITY JIU JITSU GEAR Here we are developing a new brand of fitness apparel specifically designed for grappling and MMA. We have taken our extreme obsession of jiu jitsu and channeled it into developing the best possible gear with the best quality materials, specifically designed to meet the standards of the most severely addicted jiu jitsu freaks. 

OUR MISSION, however, goes beyond apparel, we believe 100% that everyone should do jiu jitsu. That's why, our true mission is to do our part, in facilitating the growth of jiu jitsu, the art we love so dearly.

SO WHY ARE WE SELLING OTHER BRANDS? As we develop our amazing gear, we are selling items that we have hand picked, to provide the best value (quality & price) for OUR COMMUNITY OF JIU JITSU ADDICT FREAKS. 

We have hand picked the gear on our site with the two standards: 

1) QUALITY  All the gear must meet quality standards sufficient, for the most avid jiu jitsu addicts who are constantly pushing the limits of their training.

2) AFFORDABILITY  As we have stated, our mission is to help everyone in their jiu jitsu journey. That's why it is very important to only offer the best gear and the best possible price. It's not about money for us. It's about jiu jitsu. This is our way of removing one of the biggest obstacles for a lot of people. Your welcome. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE  We also want to make sure you are receiving the best customer service possible! Message us, here on our website below, on social media, email or phone, however you prefer!

FITS RIGHT GUARANTEE  We want to make sure that the apparel you buy, fits right for you. That's why we will always exchange items that don't fit. That's our guarantee.

If you agree with our ideals, join our community by adding your email below. Also you can show us some love on social media.